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A Hero’s Mark | Patrick Berkhof | Ebook


Dizary – a Hero’s mark | Epub | Patrick Berkhof

Finally – here is the first translation of the populair fantasy world of Dizary

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Dizary – a Hero’s mark | Epub | Patrick Berkhof

Ileas and Arak are two simple street urchins who one day mischievously masquerade as peacekeepers. This doesn’t go unpunished and both are branded on their right hand with the notorious magical punitive sign, the Maark. Unless they perform a good deed at the behest of the Courage and Deed peace guild they will die from pain in seven days’ time. What doesn’t help is that they live in the labyrinthine world of Dizary. If you’re in a hurry, the last thing you need is a tangle of streets, countless bridges, dark alleyways – and dangerous people.

When the boys arrive at the mysterious Courage and Deed headquarters, they happen to meet with four more quite diverse characters with the same Maark. Ileas and Arak have never in their lives fought with possessed souls or monsters and the prospect of their impending death puts a strain on their friendship. Carrying out their quest proves impossible without working as a team.

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a hero's mark, patrick berkhof
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