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Dizary – Demons of Myrade | Patrick Berkhof | Hardcover


Limited Hardcover | Signed

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Wordt alleen in Nederland verzonden
Shipment in the Netherlands only


Dizary – Demons of Myrad├ę | Patrick Berkhof

Aster Vermelie is the only sorceress among the thousands of scatterbrained inventors of the Pling Ploing district. The district is not doing well. According to Aster, magic is the salvation, but no one else likes the idea. Her life is turned upside down when some strange magic gets out of hand and endangers the surrounding region. This power is a curious thing, and in the wrong hands, more than a deadly weapon.

Miles away, the district of Kurbwyl has lost its trust in the peace guild of Courage and Deed. The bumbling young heroes Ileas, Arak, Jinasum, Rudarf, Olly, and the cat Zeliska are forced to cease their work. Then, when Ileas gets his hands on an important piece of jewelry, things begin to take surprising turns. Can they prove themselves one more time by tackling the chaos in Pling Ploing?

Like the first book, this is another complete, self-contained story.

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Afmetingen 210 × 145 × 35 cm

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