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Yes, the books are in

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Finally the books are in, fresh from the press. I had to wait a while because in these strange times things don’t always go the way you hope. But today the postman appeared at the door with a lovely package. And in it were the first translations of my Dizary book – a hero’s mark.

To keep it exclusive, I only have 30 copies available. It was also not my intention to print them. But I am a great book lover, so I couldn’t resist making a tangible book of it after all. So a limited edition. It comes with a loose dust jacket that makes this one of a kind.

Dizary a hero's mark, limited edition, Patrick Berkhof

Gratis goodies Dizary

Wat is de leesvolgorde? Hoe steken de boeken in elkaar? Waar moet je beginnen? In het volgende artikel leg ik het je uit.